Keeping, Maintaining Your Horses in an Unstable Economy
The days of horses being used for labor in the U.S., are becoming a thing of the past. Nearly all horses in the States today are owned solely for pleasure purposes. Some horses are a little girl's companion, others are international competitors, and between those two spectrums is a wide array of horsey activity that is primarily a cause of entertainment. With the country being in recession, many people have had to give up the luxury of owning their own horse. Yet there are others, who although lucky enough to be able to keep their four-legged friends, have felt their budget tighten.

It is important, particularly in unsteady economic times, to set a budget and stick to it. This holds true even in the horse world where unexpected expenses seem to be the norm. It is important to first look at your financial status and debt. After coming to a decision on exactly how much money can be afforded on horses, its time to come up with a horse budget and cut your costs so that all but the direst unexpected expenses, such as colic, can fit snugly into the budget you've provided...Read More

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