Setting, Keeping Horseback riding Goals
The holidays can be extremely stressful for everyone particularly for those with horses. Along with holiday shopping, baking, and plan-making, the horses still need to be fed, cared for, and exercised. Often times, the horses get put on the backburner during the month of December;
sometimes for the benefit of their own mental health, albeit inadvertently. It's the perfect season to take a few minutes to unwind and reassess your past riding year, and create goals for the New Year.

Riding, whether it is competitively, trail riding, or even strictly for pleasure, is often goal-oriented. The goals can be as simple as trying to ride at least 3 times a week to winning a grand prix. Goals give riders something to work for, and serve as a measure of progress. I often recommend setting goals at the beginning of the year, and assessing them every 3 months or so. This gives you several "checkpoints" throughout the year, and plenty of opportunities to re-adjust if need be...Read More

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