Quick video of a WONDERFUL partnership. The rider, an 11 year old girl. The horse, a 6 year old OTTB. They first came together when she was just 8, and Dreamer, a 3 year old. Now typically, my trainer would NEVER allow it, recommend it, or condone a child buying a OTTB.

But Dreamer is different. He was just too slow. Didn't want to run. Never actually raced a race, they scratched him. Trainer bought him as a coming 3 year old, gelded him, and put time on him. Child fell in love, Trainer said lets make it happen. The kid has been with this trainer 5 years now. He is a saint of a horse - yes he has his moments, but he is safe, goofy, and pretty loveable. This video shows, what a GOOD HORSE he is, the potential he has (GORGEOUS MOVER!), and the partnership they can develop.

There has been offers for him in the high 5 figures - her answer? You can't sell a best friend.

This horse was purchased for $100,000 as a YEARLING. He was supposed to be a MONEY-MAKER. Is bred out to whazoo. Now he packs a girl around the short-stirrup ring, and her little sister in the mini-stirrup.

His only flaw? He's the biggest WIMP we know. Very brave, never spooky. But if he even thinks he's injured - he wants to be put out of his misery. right. now. He had a gravel once, you would've thought he broke his leg. He was waving it around in the air, and would not bring it within 6 inches of the ground. He hobbled on 3 legs for a week. It was comical. his little girl was in hysterics. He's just a wus!

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