New Jersy Horse Farm Tackles Storm
As the Midwest braces itself against blizzard-like conditions and snowdrifts several feet high, those of us at the Jersey Shore are thankful we got pelted with raindrops instead of the white powder.As the rain plummeted and winds increased, Jerseyites ran around to secure their loose outdoor belongings. Me? I found myself on my deck, wearing rain boots and a winter parka, staring at the 15 hungry horses staring back at me. I took a deep breath and ran for the safety of the barn. A little rain and wind can't stop me; I'm the feeder of horses -- in essence, a horsey god.

Well, little did I realize that high winds, you know the gusts over 50 mph, can send horses into a galloping frenzy. I couldn't quite tell if they were running in panic or with the sheer joy of being "at one with nature," but then again it's hard to see when it feels like you're in the middle of a monsoon. I figure a quick shake of a food bucket, will quickly grab the horses' attentions so I can bring them into their 144 sq ft of individual horse hotels (read: the barn)...Read More

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